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Mornings on Fox 11 anchor Bill Frankmore came to Reno in May of 1998 from La Crosse, Wisconsin, where he was a general assignment reporter and weekend anchor. When Bill came to Reno, he also reported and anchored the weekend news. But in April of 2000, he made the move to the morning show.

Bill says he is glad he made the move to morning anchor because he "can have a little more fun with the show." He says that other shows he has anchored "have been a lot more structured, and really don't offer as much opportunity to just kind of let loose and have fun." Bill enjoys the interviews, the fun stories, and the segments that help get people going when they wake up each morning. He says, "with this show, I think we really have a connection with our viewers."

Bill says the hardest part about anchoring the morning show is "getting up at three o'clock in the morning!"

Bill was born and raised in Golden, Colorado, a small town just outside of Denver. He graduated with a degree in Journalism from Colorado State University in 1995. His news background includes jobs at news stations in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, and La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Broadcasting has interested Bill ever since he was a little kid. However, he wanted to be a sports broadcaster at first. But after reporting both sports and news in Nebraska, he decided news was more challenging. He says he "loves the excitement, the breaking news, and the fact that every day is different."

In 2014, Bill also became an anchor for Mornings on Fox 11, which has him delivering the news for four straight hours per day.

Bill is happily married to fellow News 4 anchor Shelby Sheehan; the two have three sons. Their first -- Ryan Timothy -- was born In June of 2005. Jack William arrived in 2007, and their third and final edition -- Luke August -- was born in July of 2013.

In addition to news, Bill loves coaching his sons' baseball teams, and going back to Colorado to visit his family. He loves all sports and his favorite teams are the Denver Broncos, Colorado Rockies, and the Colorado State University Rams.

Bill spends his spare time golfing fishing, and getting much needed rest!

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