Greater Nevada Field unveils new menu items

New food items include the Bambino fries, the smokehouse burger, and the grand slam.

If you go to an Aces baseball game this year, there's one thing for certain: You won’t leave hungry.

"Funnel Fries. Deep fried Twinkies. We have four news burgers going on in Burgertopia," said Greater Nevada Field Executive Chef Paul Valenzuela as he rattled off new menu items.

Those items also include the Bambino fries, the smokehouse burger, and an item Valenzuela thinks will be the fan favorite:

"That’s going to be the grand slam burger that you can get in concessions. It’s a regular hamburger but the buns are basically a grilled bacon and cheese sandwiches on each end. Most people want to call it the heart attack because it’s going to close up some arteries after you eat one of those, or even half of it."

This is Chef’s Valenzuela’s first year as Greater Nevada Field’s Executive Chef and he says his experiences in the Reno community have helped inspire a lot of these changes.

"I’ve done some walking around in Reno and I’ve done a lot of talking to different people whether it be in the casinos or the grocery stores. I ask them, ‘If you go to the Aces ball game what do you want to see?' and a lot of people just say, ‘A different variety of foods.’ So that’s what we’re going to bring to the stadium this year."

Another new menu item are the VS dogs (pronounced versus). One side of the hot dog always features a combination of cole slaw and pulled pork to represent the Aces, and the other constantly changes to represent their opponent.

"For instance, Albuquerque is going to have a New Mexico theme to that side of that hot dog, the Tacoma hot dog a mountain-y feel to that side of that hot dog," said Valenzuela.

Valenzuela also uses the VS dog to get a bit of a dig in on the Ace's biggest rival.

"Sacramento on the other hand, we don’t really know where to go with Sacramento. I had a really hard time with Sacramento. So what we’ve come up with is just a plain hot dog. If you guys tell me what Sacramento’s famous for I’ll come up with that side of the hot dog."

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