A disruptive game: Antoine Hoppenot

A disruptive game: Antoine Hoppenot

When thinking about Reno 1868 FC striker Antoine Hoppenot, the word disruptive comes to mind, something the Paris-born and Philadelphia raised player thinks is his most redeeming quality on the pitch.

"Sometimes I pride myself on is teams don't want to play against me. Not only because the way my ability to play soccer is but because I make it very hard for them to do what they want to do," said Hoppenot.

In his time with Reno 1868 FC, Hoppenot has played multiple spots on the pitch, finally finding a home up top. "I think that's one of Hop's strengths, it's that he is versatile. He can play in many places, he's done well for us. He's savvy and a bit scrappy and you always just want to hope that confidence continues on and you just keeping riding that confidence wave," said 1868 midfielder Matt LaGrassa.

In just 13 games played with Reno, Hop has already scored 5 goals, all inside the box, where his teammates say he's most disruptive. "He's very disruptive because when he's in the box you don't want to touch him because he's going to go down on you and it's going to be a PK," said 1868 FC forward Dane Kelly.

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