Exploring Our Backyard: Sky Tavern, the jewel of the Sierra

Exploring Our Backyard: Sky Tavern

Perched atop Mt. Rose Highway, for nearly 70 years Sky Tavern has provided an affordable way for thousands of kids in Northern Nevada to learn how to ski and snowboard.

"We are the oldest and largest volunteer ski school program in the country, and maybe the world," said Bill Henderson, executive director and general manager of Sky Tavern.

Eric Ruud, my instructor for the day, has been involved with the program for more than 20 years.

"There's no other program like this and it's all run by volunteers, so everybody contributes to learning the program and their children come in and learn, so we all learn together," said Ruud, Snowsports Director of Sky Tavern.

Bill Henderson leads a bare-bones crew of just three full-time employees who work tirelessly to keep Sky Tavern open.

"It's a co-op, it's a bunch of parents puting time, talent and treasure in a pot... stirring it up and making something happen for the kids, and without them it doesn't happen," said Henderson.

Sky Tavern hopes to build a Sky Kids Dome for younger children in the coming years, but they are asking the community for help. For more information or to get involved, visit SkyTavern.org.

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