Exploring Our Backyard: Scuba Diving Lake Tahoe

Exploring Our Backyard: Scuba Diving Lake Tahoe

There's no doubt that Lake Tahoe is one of the most majestic Lakes in North America, but have you ever wondered what was below all that crystal blue water? Well, now you can, thanks to Adventure Scuba Center.

A few weeks ago Alex Margulies and Julian Del Gaudio had a chance to try out one of Adventure Scuba's many classes and venture underwater.

For Julian, it was the first time he had tried the aquatic activity. Thanks to a few wonderful instructors, it would be one of the highlights of not just his summer, but life.

"I was immediately drawn in, and after about 10 minutes of acclimating with the underwater pressure, I was hooked," said Del Gaudio.

Check out their scuba diving adventure in the latest edition of Exploring Our Backyard, presented by Lithia Subaru.

For more information or booking, visit their website RenoScuba.com

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