Young Reno girl becomes internet sensation after video of her juking, flossing goes viral

The original video of Tharyn has over 2.4 million views and counting.

Over the last few days the spotlight around the country, maybe even the world, has been on one little girl from Reno.

Tharyn Holdsworth took social media by storm when her video from the Wolf Pack’s youth spring football clinic went viral.

"When did you realize this was becoming a big thing?" asked News 4's Brenna Greene.

"When it was getting lots of views. I was so surprised when that happened," said Tharyn.

It's been a wild ride for Tharyn, her family and the Nevada football program over the last few days.

"It’s pretty exciting. Very overwhelming. Everyone is texting me and calling me," said Tharyn's mom Meredith.

"My social media has been blowing up nonstop," said Nevada Wolf Pack defensive back, Tyson Williams, who was the first person to tweet out the video. "My twitter has been frozen for a couple hours and my Instagram is blowing up constantly."

"It’s been real fun, especially that going viral," said wide receiver Elijah Cooks, who Tharyn juked out. "All my friends from back home and been like, 'Bro that’s you! What happened?' All that fun stuff. I just think it’s really cool."

As of Tuesday afternoon the original video of Tharyn had been viewed over 2.4 million times with the likes of ESPN, Bleacher Report, and NBC Sports all sharing it on their platforms.

As for the actual moment, both Tharyn and Meredith still can’t believe that it actually happened.

"When they huddling around me I was like, 'How is this happening?' I was just very, very surprised," said Tharyn.

"I thought, 'Oh she did that. No she didn’t.' But it was lit. I think it was funny," said Tharyn's mom.

When the team met up with her on Monday, they found out her moves on Saturday were no fluke.

"She taught me something. She knows a lot at a young age," said Williams. "She knows a lot a techniques that people don’t know in high school. She was talking about get skinny and foot fire. That was very impressive."

"What a bright young girl and so smart and so quick and flexible too," said Nevada football head coach Jay Norvell. "She’s showing our guys some moves out here."

What's even cooler? This is all happening to a girl who loves the Wolf Pack.

"How much do you love the Wolf Pack?" asked Brenna.

"100 out of one. I’d say 100," said Tharyn.

"Would you say you’re the biggest fan?"

"Mhmm," Tharyn said with a matter of fact attitude.

Maybe, just maybe, she’ll have a future with the Wolf Pack as well.

"Do you think you guys should start recruiting her here?" Brenna asked Williams.

"Oh yeah right now. We need her as a receiver coach. She can teach ‘em some things."

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