Nevada baseball's freshmen class stepping up in big way

Four freshmen playing big roles on the team.

"It’s fun. It’s fun to be a part," said freshman pitcher Jordan Jackson of his freshmen class. "We came in in the fall. We all worked our butts off and we go out and do what we do."

Nevada baseball’s 2017 recruiting class was named one of the top under the radar classes by Baseball America, but they certainly aren’t under the radar anymore.

"I think our freshman class has done a really good job," said freshman third baseman Josh Zamora. "Jake Jackson, he's a starter, Sunday guy. Really big help. I think he has the most wins the conference. Jordan Jackson comes in in tight situations and ties the knot for us. Tyler Bosetti is just an all around, good teammate, good guy. I think we’ve benefited the team a lot."

Zamora isn’t doing too bad himself, leading the Pack in home runs, and having a top ten batting average in the Mountain West.

According to head coach TJ Bruce, its more than just the stats that makes this class stand out.

"These guys have way more than physical tools. It’s competitiveness, it’s work, it’s desire, it’s drive and that doesn’t show up on the stat sheet. Anybody can look on a stat sheet and say, 'Okay this guy, this guy, and this guy is doing good,' but it’s what they’re doing off the field to get those results. That’s just a byproduct of really what they can control and that’s their work every day."

Their efforts have helped pave the way for the Pack to be in control of the Mountain West heading into their final two series' of the season.

Some freshmen can get scared of the limelight. That is not this group.

"It’s nice to have the target on your back and know that teams are coming to play you and try to beat you rather than just come out and play another team," said freshmen pitcher Jake Jackson. "So it’s kind of cool to embrace the target and go out and compete."

These freshmen also aren’t scared of setting their sights high.

"We put so much hard work into all of this and everything that we do on and off the field," said freshmen shortstop Tyler Bosetti. "We’re just really working hard and hoping to get to July."

If a deep summer run doesn’t happen this year, this group has at least two more years together due to NCAA rules about going pro in baseball. That means that there is certainly a lot more to come.

"I’m really stoked to see what we can do in the next two years and just continue to build a legacy here at Nevada," said Jake Jackson.

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