Austin Corbett reflects on being drafted into the NFL

Austin Corbett reflects on being drafted into the NFL

"First pick of the second round," Austin Corbett said in amazement. "It's just crazy to even say it right now. It's so hard to find words."

Not many Nevada Wolf Pack football players have had the opportunity to put into words what Austin Corbett experienced on Friday, as he became the highest draft pick for the Pack since Alex Van Dyke 22 years ago.

"Growing up here and just seeing all the greats at Nevada and knowing the history and everyone that's came out of there and the great things that they've done in the NFL," said Corbett. "It's so humbling to be a part of the group."

Humbling is a good word to describe Austin’s journey.

After numerous injuries in high school, Austin only received a walk-on offer from Nevada.

He clearly made the most of that chance though, and his high school head coach says he isn’t surprised.

"We knew back when he was in high school that the physical tools and the hard work ethic that he has was going to drive him somewhere some day," said Ernie Howren.

That hard work paid off, and his family has walked every step of the way with him.

"So proud," said his wife Madison, a former Nevada volleyball player. "The kid that put so much work into every little workout, every little thing that he does. It's just fun to see it pay off for him and move forward. It will be such an exciting time for us."

"He's what inspires to be who I am," said Austin's mom Michelle. "All my children are but just to go down this road with him from the time he was six until now, it's crazy. I've loved every moment of it, but I never thought in all my life this would happen. I am very, very proud."

Austin’s selection not only resonates among his family and friends, but all of Northern Nevada, as the offensive lineman became the 14th player from this area to hear his name announced during the NFL Draft.

As much as Austin inspires our community, our community inspires him.

"These last five years I've grown to love Nevada so much more than I thought I could. The love and support that these fans give all Nevada athletes... I just love this place and this will always be my home. I'm going to come back as often as I can for sure."

And now it’s time to go put his home on the map.

"I've still got a lot to prove and I got to go get ready to compete for a job now. I'm so excited to get to it."

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