Protesters march in DC to bring attention to Puerto Rico

Photo taken by Michael VanZetta/Circa

WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) -- Lin Manuel-Miranda along with a group of protesters are marching in Washington, D.C. on Sunday in order to raise awareness about Puerto Rico.

Besides the "Hamilton" actor, San Juan, Puerto Rico Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz and Rep. Luis Guiterrez (D-IL) are expected to speak.

The territory suffered immense damage after it was ravaged by Hurricane Maria. 50 percent of the commonwealth has had their power restored. Unfortunately, the restoration of power won't reach 95 percent until mid-December, according to The LA Times.

The protesters are asking for four principles to be enacted: more federal response, the permanent suspension of the Jones Act requiring goods transported from U.S. ports to be sent by ships built in the U.S., the cancellation of Puerto Rico's debt and the rebuilding of the territory.

Miguel Guadalupe is the director of the La Unidad Latina Foundation. In an op-ed for CNN, Guadalupe says he is marching because recovery efforts have been "an embarrassment" and have left residents "wondering if their lives have value to this nation."

"Sunday's march will show America that the problems in Puerto Rico are not happening on some remote and disconnected land far away from "everyday Americans." America's history is rich with people fighting -- through marches, boycotts, and voting -- against injustices," Guadalupe said.

Before the march began, Manuel joked on Twitter that his mom thinks she can knit and protest at the same time.

According to the U.S. government, 51 people died as a result of the hurricane. But Puerto Rico's government revealed to BuzzFeed News that they've allowed 911 people to be cremated since the storm made landfall.

It has now been two months since Hurricane Maria, a category five storm, hit Puerto Rico.

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