Washoe County Sheriff's Office releases voicemail of recent 'warrant scam' attempt

Washoe County Sheriff's Office releases voicemail of recent 'warrant scam' attempt

As the Washoe County Sheriff's Office continues to receive reports of phone scammers claiming to be law enforcement officials, investigators are releasing a voicemail recording of one of these calls in an effort to increase public awareness.

In this case, the caller identifies himself as "Sergeant John Scott," requesting a call back to set up an "emergency meeting."

Authorities say these scammers typically claim that the person has some sort of arrears with the legal system, such as an outstanding warrant or failure to appear for jury duty. The caller then demands payment to settle the situation, providing instructions as to how payment should be made, usually through an "eGift" cash card, pre-paid credit card or similar payment to a specified account or name given by the caller.

According to the sheriff's office, these scam artists use pre-paid phones and many times are not even in the jurisdiction where the crime occurred, making their apprehension difficult.

The Washoe County Sheriff's Office says it will sometimes make calls to inform someone about a warrant, but will not ask for payment over the phone or negotiate for payment. Anyone with questions about a warrant may call the courts and local law enforcement agencies.

Anyone who has suffered a loss as a result of this scam is encouraged to contact the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office at (775) 328-3001 (option 7), file a report online at WashoeSheriff.com, or their local law enforcement agency.

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