Lime bikes to be removed after City of Reno rejects extension of franchise agreement

    The city rejects an extension of the franchise agreement with Lime

    The Reno City Council has rejected a staff recommendation to extend the pilot period for Lime bikes at Wednesday’s meeting.

    According to a city spokesman, since there is no franchise agreement in place, Lime cannot operate and "the company indicated that it would remove the bikes in the coming days."

    The measure would have extended the franchise agreement through January 1, 2020.

    City staff indicated that the Nevada State Legislature is working on possible changes to electric scooter regulations. Under current state law, electric scooters are classified as "Motor Vehicles."

    Back in September, the City of Reno filed a cease and desist letter ordering Lime to pull their scooters off the streets after they launched the service without the city's permission.

    It is unclear if Lime or other similar companies will return in the future with proposals.

    For the full staff report on the bike share franchise agreement, click here.

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