Holcomb Avenue in Reno to reopen following investigation into man's death

    Hazmat Holcomb Ave

    The 800-block of Holcomb Avenue in Midtown Reno was temporarily shut down Friday morning due to what was initially thought to be a 'hazmat' situation.

    Reno Police told News 4-Fox 11 a man and his two pet birds were found dead in their home, prompting investigators to examine whether or not the cause was hazardous.

    Police said the initial report came from the man's caretaker, who found the patient deceased.

    Authorities said the caretaker indicated the man was terminally ill.

    Police said the situation was not, in fact, hazardous. They said the man hadn't run his air conditioning, so they they believe the heat killed the birds.

    All gas and carbon dioxide has been cleared.

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