Marijuana dispensaries may not be able to restock after recreational sales start July 1

Recreational marijuana dispensaries have gotten the official go-ahead to start selling pot to anyone over 21 on July 1.

Thanks to a statement from the Nevada Department of Taxation this morning, dispensaries will be allowed to start selling recreational marijuana in just 8 days; but when it comes time to restock, those dispensaries could run into some problems.

"I know there's a lot of stocking up going on." As July 1 gets closer on the calendar, Silver State Relief Inventory Manager Ryan Woolrich said marijuana producers in Reno and Sparks are stocking up on their products.

Local dispensaries are doing the same. MYNT Cannabis Assistant Manager Quran Bell said, "It's just about getting more product in here and getting fully prepared for recreational."

Next Saturday, licensed recreational dispensaries will be allowed to sell the medical products currently on their shelves to retail customers.

Bell said, "My anticipation is seeing at least a good 300-400 people. Right now on average we see maybe about 100."

Dispensary workers are preparing for an influx of people, but if they run out of pot products, they might not be able to restock.

Woolrich said, "I really hope you know we don't [run out] but it is always a possibility."

You may remember, a recent ruling by a Carson City judge gave liquor wholesalers the exclusive right to distribute marijuana in Nevada. But a representative from the Department of Taxation said they have only received five distributor applications and none of them are complete. She said there's no telling if the distributors will be ready to operate by July 1.

Without distributors, dispensaries will have no way to bring in recreational pot products. If they sell out of their current inventory, they'll only be able to sell to medical patients until those distributors start operating.

"Honestly I don't think we're going to run out. I really don't," Bell said. "We're really excited and July 1 will be a big celebration here. Definitely."

All four dispensaries in Reno will be allowed to open their doors to recreational customers starting July 1, but surrounding cities like Sparks and Carson City have not approved recreational marijuana yet, so customers there will have to wait a little longer to purchase pot legally.

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