Local businesses show support for Nevada marijuana industry on 4/20


This year, people in Nevada could legally celebrate the 4/20 holiday for the first time.

MYNT Cannabis Dispensary in Downtown Reno hosted a day-long celebration in honor of the unofficial holiday. Several other local businesses set up shop in their parking lot to show support for Northern Nevada's marijuana industry.

Scott Dunseath is part-owner of MYNT Cannabis. He said, "4/20 is basically the national holiday. It's our Christmas basically or our Black Friday."

Vape shops and glass blowers set up tents, but other local businesses came out to the 4/20 celebration as well. Local artists played live music and Reno retailers sold their goods at the event.

Dorinda's Chocolates was among a handful of food vendors at the event. "We're here to peddle sugar to people." Their creative director, Dillon Vance said it's important for local businesses to support one another. "Reno itself is changing and we need it. We do really need to come together."

In fact, MYNT Cannabis Dispensary is a small, local business itself. Scott Dunseath said, "all the owners are from Reno. They all live in Northern Nevada, so it's very much a local scene here."

The 4/20 scene at their event Thursday, wasn't exactly what some may picture when they think of the holiday. "It's not just a stoner fest," Myla James Designs owner Jennifer Raley said, "and if you look around you see there's business people, there's lawyers, there's doctors. It's not just stoner kids."

It's no secret marijuana is becoming more widely accepted in Nevada, especially after the overwhelming passage of Question 2 in November. Vance said, "alcohol has been mainstream for centuries. I think it's now time for cannabis to step up."

Organizers say the main goal of their 4/20 was to educate more people about cannabis. Dunseath said, "a dialogue has started. People are starting to talk about cannabis because the stereotypes and the stigmas are going away."

Since recreational marijuana became legal in Nevada on January 1, more people are learning about pot, but there are still a few common points of confusion.

It is legal for adults over the age of 21 to use marijuana, but not in public. The law only allows for a person to use cannabis in their own home.

There also isn't anywhere for people to legally buy the drug. Several dispensary owners said they get at least a dozen people every day trying to purchase marijuana without a medical card. Of course, they have to turn those people away.

Lawmakers in Carson Cty are still sorting out regulations for the retail pot industry. They're planning for recreational dispensaries to open in Nevada as soon as July 1.


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