KIDS University rolls out 2018 summer camp lineup

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KIDS University -- a collection of summer camps held at the University of Nevada, Reno -- has announced their summer lineup.

These themed, week-long sessions will take place from June 12-July 27 a time frame that coincides with the Washoe County School District's summer break.

These educational (and fun!) experiences are suited for kids in grades 2-8.

Emphasis has been placed on 'STEAM' subjects -- science, technology, engineering, arts and math -- and are taught by certified teachers, graduate students, and experts.

Information below courtesy of KIDS University.

Cadet Rocket

Dreaming about being an astronaut or planning to become a rocket scientist? Join the Rockets as a cadet. In this class, you'll learn the basics of building a rocket as well as safety procedures. Then construct a model rocket and fly it on Wednesday! Congratulations, you've been promoted to captain! Design and build your own model rocket and fly it on Friday!

Coding from Scratch

Have you ever wanted to make your own computer game? In this fun and creative camp, you can learn everything you will need to create interactive software in Scratch, an accessible and visual coding language designed at MIT. Learn how to create new programs that will amaze your friends!

CSI: “The Science of Justice”

Delve into real-world forensic science — the application of science to criminal law — to investigate and solve the fictitious murder of Sharon, a University of Nevada, Reno student. You’ll be the detective to process the crime scene, and collect and analyze evidence using tools and scientific procedures. Then use the clues to narrow the list of suspects and present your findings in a fictitious trial to nail the guilty party! On Friday, you'll visit a courthouse to present your case.

Health Care Heroes

Become a health care hero, ready to save lives and make people better. Learn all about the different superpowers you need to be a health care hero ¬? from the heroes in our community themselves. Learn how to suture, perform a dissection and become a doctor for a day.

It's All Greek to Me!

Come explore the magic of Ancient Greece where you will learn about gods, goddesses and mythical monsters! Build edible ruins, concoct mythical creatures and compete in your very own Olympic Games in an outfit of your creation!

It's on Track!

Are you faster than a speeding bullet? Join the KIDS U Track and Field Team to find out! Learn about being a track athlete, how to warm up, prepare for practice and competition, and how to use track and field equipment. We’ll hold our own track and field meet so you can put your skills to the test!

Music Makers

Explore what it means to be a musician. We will learn how to read basic music, learn about music history and explore instrument families. Campers will interact with the University of Nevada, Reno's music department staff and students.

Supercharged Science

Explore the awesome power of science. Learn about the weather as you experiment with lightning, tornados and rainclouds. You'll even create your own crystal snowflake. Discover how the human body works by making paper bag lungs, mechanical hands, brain hats and cell models. Supercharged fun!

The Write Stuff — Return to Hogwarts

Using selections from J.K. Rowlings’ novels and her recent play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, you will enjoy the imaginary adventures of wizardry and fantastic beasts by creating poetry and stories of your own. Compose a recipe for a potion, analyze characters, plot against villains and explore the rich language of Rowling’s world.

How to register

Register for camps online at or by calling (775) 784-4046 or (800) 233-8928.

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