Improvements to come for Pyramid Highway and U.S. 395


    As traffic congestion continues to grow here in Northern Nevada, the pressure is on to find a solution. The Sparks are will be experiencing some smoother with the Pyramid highway and U.S. 395 project.

    Regional Transportation Commission is working on behalf of the Nevada Department of Transportation and will work hand in hand with the Federal Highway Administration.

    The improvements include relieving traffic congestion on Pyramid highway by widening parts of that road. There will be a new road connecting Pyramid highway to the Parr exit on U.S. 395.

    “So overall the project’s a 12 mile improvement including widening of pyramid highway from four to six lanes. from queen way to Calle de la Plata and then there’s also a component that connects pyramid to U.S. 395 at the Parr Dandini interchange", says Doug Maloy, Engineering Manager for Design and Construction at RTC.

    Right now RTC is working on the design phase, which will be completed by the end of this year. Construction will not start for another five years.

    The project is broken up into six phases, each taking about four years to complete.

    The twenty year project will cost around $800 million, with funding for phase one coming from RTC's fuel tax money.

    Maloy says, “As far as funding for the rest of the project. Right now we're using local funds, RTC fuel tax funds for this next phase for design and then to be determined on what the rest of the funding will be”.

    The project will not be completed until 2040.

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