Great Reno Balloon Race 2017 winners announced

Allen Anderson, center, winner of the 2017 Great Reno Balloon Race, poses with Doug Campbell, Jr., left, second place winner and his father, Doug Campbell Sr., third place winner at Rancho San Rafael Park Sunday after the last race. (Photo by Marilyn Newton)

The Great Reno Balloon Race wrapped up its 36th annual event from Rancho San Rafael Region Park on Sunday, Sept. 10.

During the event, balloonists from around the country competed for a chance to win their share of the $11,000 prize purse.

Here is the list of the top 10 pilots from the event:

1. Allen Anderson from Minden, Nev. flying “Pixie Dust,” sponsored by Kersey Family

2. Doug Campbell, Jr. from Las Vegas, Nev. flying “Booger,” sponsored by Sani-Hut

3. Doug Campbell, Sr. from Las Vegas, Nev. flying “Wasabi,” sponsored by Comstock Propane

4. William Woodhead from Harrison, Idaho flying “His Sky,” sponsored by GRBR

5. Dan Walsh from Redlands, Calif. flying “Deviation,” sponsored by Nancy Gilbert, Esq.

6. Dale Wong from Dixon, Calif. flying “Winters Breeze,” sponsored by Veliz Family

7. Kurt Adelsberger from Chino Hills, Calif. flying “Transition,” sponsored by Bell Family

8. Justin Wilkinson from Bermuda Dunes, Calif. flying “’Merica,” sponsored by Intuit

9. Lewin Williams from Las Vegas, Nev. flying ‘Split Tail,” sponsored by GRBR

10. Jay Schuler from Reno, Nev. flying “Pencil Boy,” sponsored by GRBR

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