For Reno veterinarians, dog flu & symptoms persist

Veterinarians in Reno say an outbreak of dog flu is spreading through the area. (KRNV/KRXI)

The dog flu continues to spread around Reno-Sparks, with one local pet hospital confirming eight cases so far this winter.

Veterinarians at Southwest Vet Hospital say they've treated 40 other dogs that were experiencing flu-like symptoms.

Most of the dogs treated at the hospital are kept away from other canines to limit exposure and potential spread.

One veterinarian said this specific strain is so infectious because it's brand new to Reno.

Experts say the disease can spread when dogs are in close contact at places like parks or daycares. One facility in Reno, A Doggies Dream, is temporarily closed due to the dog flu, with owners saying they'll spend the time cleaning and disinfecting.

Vaccinations are recommended for dogs, though vets say it would need about two weeks to take effect.

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