Schieve campaign refunds excess contributions from Reno casinos

    Reno mayor Hillary Schieve delivers her State of the City address on Thursday, January 26, 2017.


    Mayor Schieve's campaign said Wednesday that excess funds they received from two Reno donors have been refunded in full.

    Financial documents sent to News 4-Fox 11 indicate the Schieve campaign refunded $1,500 to the Silver Legacy and $1,500 to the Eldorado after they discovered the funds exceeded the legal contribution amount of $10,000 per donor, per campaign cycle.

    Mayor Schieve had issued a statement to this effect on Oct. 24 when we first reported the story.


    A Reno woman's complaint prompted the initial investigation in September 2018.

    The original complaint alleged Mayor Schieve had received more money than legally allowed: $9,000 from the Eldorado, $7,000 from the Circus Circus and $9,000 from the Silver Legacy. The complaint stated the "mega-resort" counted as an individual entity and that the casinos would collectively be in violation of the $10,000 per election cycle individual contributor limit.

    The Secretary of State's Office responded to the complaint on September 20, 2018, saying no violation occurred. The SOS Office explained that each casino would be considered an individual entity, and therefore, there was no violation of the limit since each contributed under $10,000. The investigation was closed at that time.

    New documents sent to the Secretary of State's Office and to News 4-Fox 11 on October 24 seemed to show two northern Nevada casinos -- The Eldorado and Silver Legacy -- did, in fact, contribute more than is legally allowed.

    The Silver Legacy and Eldorado each reportedly contributed $11,500 to Mayor Schieve's campaign over a four-year period; an individual contributor, which includes businesses, is allowed to contribute $10,000 over a four-year period to a campaign, according to Nevada law.

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