Mayor Schieve: Homelessness, housing crisis take top billing in second term

Decision 2018: Reno Mayor's Race Final Results - Kristen Edwards

The voters have spoken. Mayor Hillary Schieve will spend the next four years as Reno's mayor.

"I'm always the hardest on myself, so I was pretty shocked, but so grateful," Schieve said after seeing the large margin between herself and her opponent.

She celebrated the win at Brewer's Cabinet with friends and family.

Councilwoman Naomi Duerr and her supporters celebrated her own victory alongside the Mayor.

"Honestly, it's very humbling and I'm so blessed to represent such an incredible city," said Schieve.

Her supporters anxiously waited for more than three hours as election results trickled in.

In reference to the long wait for statewide and Washoe County election results, one of Schieve's supporters said, "I thought we'd be hearing something about now. Not results necessarily, but something going in one direction or the other; but we're not hearing anything."

Schieve’s opponent Eddie Lorton – who she faced for the first time in 2014 – opted to stay at home and take in the results with friends and family.

News 4-Fox 11 talked to Lorton before he knew the outcome.

Lorton – a two-time contender for Reno mayor – said if he did not come out on top, he would accept the results.

"If that's the way it goes, I'll respect that,” Lorton said. “The citizens made a choice, but I was fighting tooth and nail for them, and not the special interest groups; I hope they take that into mind."

The Washoe County Registrar of Voters reports that all of the voting precincts have been accounted for.

The final tally came out to 65.40% for Schieve and 35.50% Lorton. There were 89,261 people who voted in the race.

Lorton conceded around midnight and told News 4-Fox 11 he will not be running for mayor for a third time.

Mayor Hillary Schieve said affordable housing, homelessness, mental health, and infrastructure will take top billing in her second term.

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