DECISION 2018: Seven candidates looking to replace Allen as Washoe County Sheriff

DECISION 2018: Seven candidates looking to replace Allen as Washoe County Sheriff

Nearly a year and a half ago, Washoe County Sheriff Chuck Allen announced he would not seek re-election, giving people thinking about running to replace him plenty of time to consider.

Seven candidates ultimately declared for the race, setting up a packed primary race where only two candidates advance to the November general election.


Darin Balaam has 21 years experience working at the Washoe County Sheriff's Office. According to the Nevada Secretary of State, Balaam had already raised over $100,000 by the end of 2017, far more than any other sheriff candidate. On Tuesday, Balaam was filming a television commercial that is scheduled to start airing in mid-May.

His father Dennis was the Washoe County Sheriff from 2000 to 2007.


Longtime Sparks resident Sherman Boxx spent the majority of his law enforcement career working for the Sparks Police Department, but came out of retirement to become Sheriff Allen's Chief Deputy of Operations in January 2015. He retired in October 2016.


Allan Fox is the only candidate without prior experience at WCSO. He was a Reno police officer for 26 years, working on the gang unit, bicycle patrol and as a homicide detective, among other assignments.


Adam Hopkins hopes to 'forge a new path,' which is his campaign slogan. Hopkins became a deputy in 1990 and retired as a WCSO lieutenant in 2015.

If elected, Hopkins said he would consider pulling out of the regional officer-involved shooting protocol, which requires local agencies to investigate each other when officer-involved shootings had. Hopkins said he would try to create a system where an uninvolved, non-law enforcement agency handles the investigation, like the Nevada Investigation Division.


Two women hope to become Washoe County's first female sheriff. Heidi Howe has 20 years of experience as a supervisor at WCSO, and said her biggest priority is reducing the number of in-custody deaths at the jail.


Kim Meyer began working as a WCSO deputy assigned to the jail in 1991. She spent much of her career investigating crimes against children and reitred in 2016.

Sex trafficking, regional collaboration and opioid addiction are three of her priorities listed on her campaign website.

Jerry Cossio didn't respond to News 4-Fox 11's request for an interview. According to his website, Cossio worked for the sheriff's office for more than 20 years.

To learn more about each candidate, you can visit their websites by clicking the links below.

Heidi Howe
Sherman Boxx
Darin Baalam
Kim Meyer
Adam Hopkins
Allan Fox
Jerry Cossio

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