Contentious Nevada senate race closes in cooperative tone

    Decision 2018: Nevada Senate Race Final Results - Melissa Matheney

    “We voted, and we won, and we did all of this together!"

    Loud cheers served as a backdrop to Jacky Rosen's victory speech Tuesday night.

    The Senator-elect joins a wave of women headed to Washington – in record-breaking numbers.

    "Now, Nevada [is] the fifth state [to have] two women senators," Rosen said.

    During her speech, Rosen took a moment to thank her opponent: Senator Dean Heller.

    She says he called her once it became clear she had clinched victory.

    "He served our state for 30 years; and so I want to thank him for his service to our state and for his gracious call."

    During his concession speech, Senator Heller addressed a much quieter crowd.

    "All of you who have supported me for the last 30 years in public office, thank you," Heller said.

    After failing to win over Nevada voters, Heller will pass the baton to Rosen; and says he will do whatever he can to make the transition easy for her.

    "But I am sure, I am sure that Jacky Rosen will be able to fill those shoes and serve the state of Nevada, and care about Nevada as much as I do,” said Heller.

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