Think Local: Homage Bakery provides unique flavor combinations


Flavors from around the world are found at Reno's very own Homage Bakery and Coffee House.

This unique bakery combines savory and sweet ingredients in all of their pastries to set them apart from the rest.

"Just all types of fun stuff, really, make Reno kind of come in and go 'oh that's interesting, I want to try that' and see that they can really find amazing things here in Reno, so they don't have to go travel outside and find those things," said Nicholle Alumbaugh, Chef and Owner of Homage.

Alumbaugh grew up cooking and baking with her family, and now incorporates those recipes into her menu. She prides herself and her bakery on how different her flavors are, like their signature Oatmeal, Fig & Fennel cookie.

Her mission was to create an atmosphere that brought in all walks of life. "It's fun to see two completely different types of people on the spectrum meet here, exchange phone numbers, and then continue to make it their place to meet every week," said Alumbaugh.

Majority of all of their ingredients come from local provides all up and down the pacific northwest.

Alumbaugh and her team will be at the bakery as early as 4 a.m. preparing their freshly baked goods for the day. They switch out their flavors of croissants, cookies, and scones daily to keep a consistent variety for their customers.

"Ask about our drinks, ask us about our food, let us know what you like and we can kind of steer you in that direction, because there's a little bit of something for everyone here," said Alumbaugh.

Homage was awarded the 'Best Bakery in Reno' award by Reno News & Review for three years in a row.

They are open seven days a week. They cater, provide desserts for weddings, and serve lunch. You can find Homage at 519 Ralston St. in Reno.

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