Midtown Reno businesses team up to offer free parking during holidays

Parking will be free at certain Midtown Reno parking lots from Nov. 24, 2017, to Jan. 30, 2017 (SBG)

Midtown Reno businesses will soon offer free parking at three different locations for the holiday season, the city announced.

Starting Friday, Nov. 24, people can get a vinyl window cling from participating businesses.

The cling will let people park in three private parking locations:

  • 800 S. Virginia St., at the corner of S. Virginia & Cheney streets, west of Midtown Eats
  • 1030 S. Virginia St., adjacent to Thai Chili Restaurant
  • 515 S. Virginia St., south portion of the parking lot adjacent to the Ponderosa Hotel

The free parking offer will run from Friday to Tuesday, Jan. 30.

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