First winery opens in Washoe County


What started as a seed has grown into a reality for Mike Steedman, the co-owner of the first winery in Washoe County.

“Finally! It’s been a long haul,” said Steedman. “This is what I want to do when I retire. You know, make wine, travel, have fun.”

Nevada Sunset Winery is the first of three wineries to open inside the space that sits in the middle of Reno’s Old Brewery District -- all three full of local flavor.

Nevada Sunset Winery has a three-acre vineyard in Fallon, where they harvest their grapes.

Steedman says he's proud to be making Nevada-grown wine.

“We’re able to have some of the wines that we’ve made and other wines that we’ve brought in that are barrel finished that we’ve aged and blended,” Steedman said.

But the pouring wasn’t always easy. Steedman says they faced a lot of challenges before they could open their doors, mainly getting lawmakers to lift the county-wide ban on wineries and tasting rooms.

“We’re the guinea pig that’s gone through all the hoops and now we can help other people,” said Steedman.

Locals like Mary Weber say they hope this will be the start of something new for Reno.

“I’m so pleased that Reno is joining the 21st century and becoming a winemaking capital!” said Weber. “I think we will be with these guys here.”

Pioneering Reno’s wine scene -- one glass at a time.

“I’m going to make it a dream,” said Steedman. “I’m going to make it be successful.”

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