#RenoUnfiltered: Whiskey tasting and Irish Coffee-making at Whispering Vine in Reno

Game on! The Reno Unfiltered crew competes for top honors in the Irish Coffee-making competition.

You don't need the Luck o' the Irish to find a great whiskey!

The crew at Whispering Vine Wine Co. in Reno was kind enough to do a whiskey tasting with the #RenoUnfiltered crew... and we certainly left with some new favorites. WATCH the video below to learn the ins and outs of finding a great whiskey.

And the luck didn't run out for the #RenoUnfiltered crew.

Next, the spirits experts at Whispering Vine Wine Co. showed us a fun, dairy-free twist on the classic Irish Coffee cocktail. Plus, we had a little friendly competition to see which #RenoUnfiltered crew member could make the best version! WATCH to see who won out.

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