Behind-the-brews at Brasserie Saint James in Reno

Reno Unfiltered meets the brains behind the brews at Brasserie Saint James in midtown

The #RenoUnfiltered crew went behind-the-scenesat Reno's Brasserie Saint Jamesto meet the brains behind their signature brews.

We found the bulk of the secret lies -- literally -- beneath the surface.

About 285 feet below the midtown brewery and eatery is an Artesian well.

Brasserie's brew masters said this is the reason their beers have a unique minerality, specific to them. The northern Nevada water makes the beers take longer to mature -- but good things certainly come to those who wait.

Join the crew as they sample both seasonal and standby brews, learn more about Reno's burgeoning craft beer scene, and where their brews are headed next.

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