Diplomas Open Doors: Adult HS diplomas on the rise in Washoe County


RENO, Nev. (News 4 & Fox 11) —A recent report from the Washoe County Health District has adults receiving high school diplomas in Washoe County increasing. According to the report, high school diplomas for adults is up 121% in 2017. The county issued 331 adult high school education diplomas last year.

One recipient of a high school diploma is Lorenn Mayfield. She is expected to receive her high school diploma in June from Rise, Washoe County's adult education school. She was in high school 12 years ago; however, she was hit by a drunk driver that left her paralyzed for a month. She dropped out and didn't finish her high school education until this year.

"I had my seat belt on, and the impact was so bad that my seat belt broke and I went through the windshield," Mayfield said. "On June 15th I will be able to walk across the stage in-front of everyone and get my high school diploma."

Mayfield moved to Reno 2 years ago and began the program at Rise. She has a dream of becoming a nurse, because she wants to help people the same way the nurse helped her when she was hit by a drunk driver who was traveling 120 MPH in a 50 MPH zone.

"I got to the hospital and I was freaking out," Mayfield said. "There was this nurse who said 'you've been in a car accident we want to make sure your not paralyzed you cant feel your feet.' She was with me the whole time telling me its going to be OK."

Mayfield turned the most tragic incident in her life into inspiration to achieve her dream of becoming a nurse. Her motto is never give up. She plans to enroll at Truckee Meadows Community College to study nursing, and eventually transfer to UNR to finish her nursing degree.

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