BestMedicine: Healthy Nevada Project Expansion and Evolution

    Reno, NV - The Healthy Nevada Project – led by Renown and DRI – is a first-of-its-kind population health study combining genetic, clinical, social and environmental data. The pilot phase launched about two years ago and enrolled 10,000 participants in just 48 hours. Now in phase two, the project has greatly expanded to 40,000 more northern Nevadans and is now returning clinical results to participants. Principal investigator of the study, Joseph Grzymski, Ph.D., is here to talk about the project’s development.


    * How has the study evolved in the last two years?

    * Where are we at now with notifying people of these conditions?

    In the last couple months, we started returning results to individuals. This is done through our medical research team. Right now, we have approximately 32,000 people in the study. We started returning results a few weeks ago on familial hypercholesterolemia, or FH, which is a lipid disorder and just recently we started returning results on hereditary breast and ovarian cancer and Lynch syndrome – which are cancer syndromes.

    * So, you wouldn’t be contacted unless you’re in one of these groups that has those markers?

    * What’s next for the study?

    * How can people sign up to take part?

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