BestMedicine: Healthcare Technology and Convenience

    Technology and healthcare are combining like never before – changing how people access, track and monitor their health. From electronic medical records in your doctor’s office to watches that monitor your vital signs. Racquel Abowd with Hometown Health is here to talk more about some of the new technologies that make your care more convenient.


    * Hi Racquel. With cold and flu season coming up, doctors’ offices and urgent cares will be getting busier. What are some ways people can make sure they get in for treatment fast?

    * There are also some more convenient ways to talk with your provider and see your test results, right?

    * We’re seeing technology used a lot more for people tracking and monitoring their health at home to get healthier. How does that help care providers?

    * What about the bills and paperwork associated with a doctor’s visit? Are there easier ways to work with that?

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