BestMedicine: Family Support to Help Reach Recovery

    Reno, NV - In two weeks, Renown and Reno Behavioral Healthcare Hospital are bringing Nic Sheff to the Pioneer Center. Sheff’s story of addiction and recovery are the inspiration behind best-selling memoirs and the new movie “Beautiful Boy.” Mary Duffy, registered nurse and counselor with Renown’s new Stacie Mathewson Behavioral Health & Addiction Institute, is here to talk about why bringing this free event to Reno is so important.


    Mary – Nic’s personal stories talk a lot about the importance of family support in helping reach recovery. How have you seen that support help patients?

    What would you say to friends and family who don’t know how to talk about addiction or mental illness with someone they love?

    What are the signs family and friends should watch for and when should they seek additional help?

    Why do you think bringing speakers like Nic and sharing these personal stories is so important for our entire community?

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