BestMedicine: Breastfeeding Tips

    Reno, NV - Breastfeeding may look like the most natural and easy thing in the world. However, any mom who’s breastfed their child knows that this journey comes with its fair share of challenges and surprises. Luckily we have some great lactation experts and resources here in town to help breastfeeding moms make the most of their experience. Robin Hollen, Breastfeeding Medicine Nurse Practitioner at Renown Health, is here to share more.

    A common concern expressed by breastfeeding moms is: ‘how do I know if my baby’s getting enough milk?’

    We know that latch is important when breastfeeding. How can you tell if baby has a good latch?

    What resources are available for moms who have questions or concerns about breastfeeding?

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