Artown 2017 concludes with celebration of Reno's 150th birthday

People gather at Wingfield Springs Park in downtown Reno for the closing ceremonies of Artown on Monday, July 31, 2017 (SBG)

Artown, the month-long celebration of music, arts and culture in Reno, concluded by announcing the next 15 people to be honored by the Reno People Project.

The closing ceremony at Wingfield Park in downtown Reno continued the city's year-long celebration of its 150th birthday.

The project aims to recognize 150 people by May 9, 2018, which marks 150 years since Reno's founding.

The group of honorees are:

  • David Aiazzi
  • Kathie Bartlett
  • Dr. James E. Church
  • Karen Craig
  • Britt Curtis
  • Ron Daniels
  • John Henry Dressler
  • Dr. Gilbert Lenz and Elizabeth Lenz
  • Michael Mikel
  • Carol Quinn
  • Edwin S. Semenza
  • Johnson Sides
  • Turkey Stremmel
  • William C. Thornton
  • Carolyn Wray

To learn more about the Reno People Project, click here.

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