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Vandals damage Northwest Reno family's home and property

RENO, Nev. -- One Northwest Reno family is left picking up the pieces and fronting the bill after vandals attacked their home on more than one occasion. As a concerned father, Russ Lucia, reached out to Fox 11 and is asking the community for help. They're looking for any answers that will help resolve the issue Lucia says has gone too far.

"We have two small children under the age of three and so every hour now at night we're waking up checking the windows thinking we're hearing things and we don't so we're not sleeping right and at some point we're either going to wan to sell our house and move somewhere or Where can you go that's safe?" Lucia says.

Starting on June 1st, Lucia tells Fox 11 there have three separate occasions where vandals have come to his home in the early hours of the morning and caused destruction. The last incident as recent as Tuesday night.

After the first incident the Lucia's installed surveillance cameras. They have video that shows what appears to be juveniles throwing cantaloupe at their truck. Then, the group runs off, but not before one of the suspects comes back to kick in the garage door.

On another occasion, the suspects duck taped the hood, windows, and door jams of Lucia's vehicles.

The suspects have damaged the garage door all three times, which is the most costly, the last bill totaled just more than $1,000.

Lucia says there seems to be no rhyme or reason to why they are vandalizing his home and property as well as some of their neighbor's.

Reno Police Department Public Information Officer Sgt. Tim Broadway tells News 4 they are aware of the case and other victims.

"It's very frustrating we see at the Reno Police Department and throughout the entire Washoe County during the summer months kids that don't have anything better to do they're going out late at night sneaking out of their houses they're doing a lot of destruction," Sgt. Broadway says.

After Tuesday night's incident a colleague approached Lucia at his work and told him vandals kicked in their garage door as well and it happened less than an hour before the suspects hit the Lucia home.

Sgt. Broadway says the Lucias are doing all the right things. They leave their lights on, they've warned their neighbors, they even bought surveillance cameras after the first incident, and they have filed police reports. RPD wants to remind residents those are the right actions and now it's just a matter of time before the suspects are caught.

Sgt. Broadway also says if the suspects are in fact juveniles, it is likely their parents will be held responsible for the damages.

If you have any information regarding this case you are urged to contact secret witness at 322-4900.