Meet the Battle Born Brigade, Reno 1868 FC's loudest fans

Attend any Reno 1868 FC game and you’ll definitely hear the Battle Born Brigade.

“Basically it’s one big party and everyone’s allowed to hang out with us,” said Jose Aguilar, a member of the brigade.

What began as a small group of soccer fans on Facebook has now turned into the loudest section at Greater Nevada Field.

"Even then we had no idea that it’d get to the point that it is now, we’re just about full on our section, the stadium attendance is amazing,” said Hunter Leach, one of the Brigade's founding members.

"Actually even every half of each game has gotten better, people have gotten louder and more in sync and watching that happen is really special,” said Matthew Rafferty, another founding member of the Battle Born Brigade.

The Brigade is already becoming part of the event, something 1868 FC General Manager Andy Smith believes helps his club's success.

“I think Battle Born Brigade is the heartbeat of the club. You come out to a game, that section is standing and cheering ... that’s what really gets the players going,” said Smith.

While the 1868 soccer players are giving their all for their city, the Battle Born Brigade is holding up their end of the bargain as well.

“They’re putting in 90 minutes on the field, so if we’re going to be supporters we have to be in the stands working as hard as they are,” said Rafferty.

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