Boat washes ashore 4 years, 500 miles later in South Carolina

(Edisto Beach Police)

The tales it could tell.

After years at sea and a journey of at least 500 miles, a boat washed ashore on Edisto Beach in South Carolina Monday. Its journey is not over, however.

Edisto Beach Police Chief George Brothers says the boat was discovered near Beach Access 24 Monday morning. The only cargo aboard, Brothers says, was a letter explaining the boat’s origin.

According to Brothers, the boat – only about 3 feet long – was launched in 2013 as part of a class project by a then fifth-grade class at Summit-Questa Montessori School in Davie, Florida.

After calling the school to confirm the details, Brothers posted the story to the Edisto PD Facebook page.

Soon after, the story began spreading like wildfire, and Brothers says a local man called saying he had seen the boat just recently in the Charleston Harbor.

Brothers says the local boat captain asked his permission to relaunch the boat in Charleston, and has since come to Edisto and gotten it.

So after a short break, the boat's journey soon will begin again. Who knows where it may wind up next.

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