Two men plea guilty in shooting death and robbery of Carson City man

Left: Jacob Huttman Right: Jonathan Skenandore

Two more men have entered a guilty plea in connection to the murder and robbery of 18-year-old Grant Watkins in Carson City in January, 2016.

Jacob Huttman and Jonathan Skenandore both involved in the homicide entered guilty pleas of second degree murder and conspiracy to commit robbery in a Carson City courtroom on Friday, March 17.

Reed Skenandore III entered a pleaded guilty to first degree murder on Tuesday, March 14.

The shooting took place at a park in Carson City after a deal involving three ounces of marijuana turned out to be a planned robbery involving several co-defendants.

Skenandore III faces life in prison with the eligibility of parole after 20 years and the second degree murder charges carries up to life in prison with the eligibility of parole after 10 years.

The conspiracy to commit robbery carries a penalty of one to six years, it is unknown whether or not the sentences will run concurrently or not.

Alan Garcia-Manriquez has been remanded back to the Carson City Justice Court and he is expected to enter a guilty plea to two misdemeanor charges for his relatively minor role in this case.

The remaining defendant, Daniel Lease is set for trail. He faces one count of accessory to commit robbery and one count accessory to murder, which are both felony charges.

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