Reno City Council approves severance package for outgoing City Manager Andrew Clinger

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Reno City Council has approved a severance package for former City Manager Andrew Clinger.

The package includes 6 months of pay, as well as $30,000 for attorney fees.

The full financial package includes:

his regular paycheck through October 10, 2016 on or before October 21, 2016. In addition, on or before
October 21, 2016 Mr. Clinger shall receive: (i) a lump sum payment equal to six (6) month’s
salary at the current rate of pay; (ii) a payment compensating Mr. Clinger for all accrued sick
leave, vacation time, all paid holidays, and executive leave; (iii) a contribution to Mr. Clinger’s
deferred compensation account on the value of this compensation calculated using the rate
ordinarily contributed on regular compensation; and (iv) a payment for $30,000 reimbursing Mr.
Clinger for all attorney’s fees and legal costs incurred to date.

Mayor Hillary Schieve noted that she had lost a lot of sleep, and was ready to focus on a better Reno.

Two council members voted against the agreement.

The Reno City Council met to discuss what next steps the city would take after sexual harassment allegations against City Manager Andrew Clinger at 9 a.m. on September 14, following Clinger's resignation announcement.

READ the full details here:

News 4 and Fox 11 will cover the meeting and bring you the latest information in the investigation.

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