Police to start writing $300 citations for new school zone traffic laws

school zones.png

Washoe County School District police are now writing $300 to $350 tickets to drivers violating new school zone traffic laws.

The laws went into effect last October, but police officers have spent the last year educating drivers on the laws, rather than writing tickets.

The first new traffic law drivers can now be cited for is making a U-Turn in active school zones.

"That's with or without signage," said MJ Cloud, with the Washoe County School District Police. "Regardless of whether there's a no U-Turn sign, as long as it's an activated school zone, it's illegal to make any U-Turn."

Drivers can also be pulled over and ticketed for passing other vehicles in active school zones. Cloud says prohibiting drivers from passing other vehicles helps with visibility.

"If somebody is going slower than you and it's in your peripheral vision, if a child were to dart out and your speeding pass them, then you're not going to see that child," said cloud.

School police will be patrolling school zones to enforce the new laws.

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