Northern Nevadans go bald for lifesaving cause


"Brave the Shave," an annual fundraiser for the St. Baldrick's foundation, raises money and awareness for children battling cancer.

"Kylee was a very nice young lady and we were over at Stanford Children's Hospital, which is how we got our name," says Kehl LeSourd, who has participated in the event for 10 years. "She went to a fountain and threw a penny in and said she had a very big wish."

LeSourd first got involved with "Brave the Shave" after his seven year old daughter, Kylee, was diagnosed with brain stem glioma.

"We told her like all parents do 'don't tell us your wish or it won't come true,'" says LeSourd. "But she said it was really important and that night she came to me and said 'I really need to tell you what that wish is.' And she said 'I wish that no other child gets cancer.'"

For nearly a decade, LeSourd has braved the shave with thousands of people worldwide to provide hope for those battling the deadly disease.

LeSourd says, "If you're personally in the fight, not as a child but as an adult as well, if you need something that's inspiring, if you need chemo and you've had radiation and you're just feeling down, come on out to the event and see all these people cheering you on to get healthy."

"Brave the Shave" is on Friday, March 17 from 5 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. inside the Downtown Reno Ballroom.

Click here to donate to team Kylee's Wish.

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